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SSE feature request - better support of non Cosmic Color devices


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Brian. First of all, I LOVE SuperStar. And I have just scratched the surface of what it can do I'm sure.

However as you are well aware, more and more of us are using DMX, E1.31, and a maybe a few other things besides CCR / CCB / CCP strings. There are a couple of features that I would love to see in some future release.

1) Ability to export to some number of DMX universes

2) The ability to define strings other than 50 pixels

And yes I know that there are workarounds (to varying degree) for both of these. The first just requires a bunch of copy / paste in Sequence Editor (that's what I'm doing now), and Visualizer mode allows more than 50 pixels in a string, but substantially limits total pixel count.

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In SuperStar you can sequence in CCR mode, or Visualization mode. I had not planned on expanding the layout and export abilities of CCR mode. The idea was that if you want anything other than what CCR mode supports then you can use Visualization mode. In Visualization mode you can layout the lights in any shape you want and you can specify DMX universes.

As you mention, a limitation that the Visualizer has is that it supports a maximum of 1024 fixtures. And to define RGB pixels, each pixel is a fixture, so you are limited to 1024 pixels.

So are you asking for a way to specify DMX output while in CCR mode?

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I have +1 to Jim and to answer your question I would have to say "YES".

I do not like the the visualizer at all. I just find it much too tedious to use.

Thanks, Ed

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And I would think you want a way to specify the number of pixels in the string also, since most non-CCR RGB strings have a different number than 50. That's something I can consider for next year.

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That would be nice. Although my pixel tree is 50 pixel strings, there is no physical requirement to do so. I (or Ray Wu) can make them almost any length desired. Would be nice to have SSE handle some different lengths. And yes, I know that would be a fairly major change.

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