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Another silly question.....


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First of all, Brian, THANK YOU!! For SuperStar, and for all of your help weeks ago when I first started setting it up. I've done quite a bit of sequencing with it in the past month and it is absolutely amazing! Thank you again!!!

Now, onto the silly question.... Are there plans of expanding the capacity of SuperStar? I understand the challenge of expanding, while maintaining the current theme of having everything on one screen, but I've heard many comments about the channel limitations holding people back from purchasing.

Personally, I'm already about maxed out. At it's current limitation of 3,600 channels, I won't be able to use it next year if I make the expansions to my display that I'd like to. In fact, even this year I had to break up the display and sequence different sections separately to overcome the channel limitations.

If not, I'd be curious as to why. With the popularity of RGB pixels (Or CCRs or CCPixels or <insert your preference here>) on the rise, channel counts are rising as well and a limit of 3,600 channels becomes crippling very quickly.

I'm not expecting promises or ETAs, just curious if some serious thought has been put into it.

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Glad to hear you have been able to make use of the software. As for the limit of 3600 channels, there are many people who have run into the limit. I plan to double the limit to 7200 channels next year.

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Very cool! Thank you Brian.

I have one suggestion, if I may? One of the nicest things about SuperStar as it is now, is how well you maintained everything on one screen. With the increase of channel capacity, would it be possible to implement a setting to allow the use of multiple monitors? I currently use 2 monitors anyway, which works wonders for sequencing 2 separate parts of the display at once, so something that would extend one instance of SuperStar across multiple monitors would be awesome!

On a side note, I finished a sequence last week that is 98% instant sequenced. I'm hoping to get it edited and uploaded this week. It's nothing special, but I think it turned out pretty cool! I'm too anal to use the instant sequence that much, but thought I'd give it a try for one song!

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