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looking for a simple 16-ch sequence to mess with?


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Playing with this all for the first time.

(to recap- I started too late, but bought a starter kit to at least jump in a learn for next year)

Im just going to simple run my existing outside setup off the LOR for now....

Its NOT complex:

1 tall tree

1 set of icicle lights over garage

1 dwarf maple

2 mini trees bordering front door

2 big bushes bordering porch

2 groups of bushes bordering house

So...lol... sounds so pathetic when i list it out that way :-)

Anyways, i KNOW you cant just lift someone elses show, but i was wondering if anyone had a SMALL sequence they could share or point me to? something with 16 channels or less?

Im not really trying to find something i can just drop in, really just looking for how y'all do it.


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There is a site called Ultrashows that has lots of free sequences available. You would still need to find the music. Also, you can buy sequences from any number of forum vendors or LOR approved vendors and LOR itself is now selling sequences. I'd be happy to help you but mine are all based on 95 channels this year.

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My approach to sequencing:

1. Natural pairs of lights (two strands by themselves in the same place - like on a tree; or like the red/green floodlights I have) can alternate beats and can flash back and forth rapidly for percussion fills.

2. For songs that have repeating choruses, I will set a pattern for one feature in my yard (say the 5 snowflakes), and then move it to another feature (say the 4-light-strip pole tree with star on top) for the next. Of course, it obviously works best when those features use the same amount of channels.

3. The tempo determines how "aggressive" I get. Fast songs get a lot of flashing, slower songs get more up/down fades. When I finish with Wizards of Winter, the neighbors will be having seizures. :) Carol Of The Bells, conversely, is largely serene, with some parts at less than 100% intensity. Match the mood with your lights.

4. Using the animation window is pretty crucial. I grabbed a screencap of my house from Google Earth and used it as a background picture. It helps me visualize the show that much better.

5. For complex patterns (say a drum fill that you want to flash lights on every hit), zoom in and slow the playback down to 1/4 to ensure that you are hitting the actual time that the drum hits. If you're off by 1/10th of a second, it is usually obvious.

6. Copy and paste is, indeed, your friend, even between one song's sequence and another's.

7. Combine effects. I use a lot of normal fade-ups into fade-down twinkles; full-on to shimmer, etc.

8. Speaking of effects, learn to use the fade up and down and the intensity for shimmer and twinkle.

9. Watch the LOR videos; they do a very good job of explaining things that - quite frankly - you are likely not going to figure out on your own. (http://www.lightorama.com/S3TutorialLinks.html)

10. Watch other people's shows for inspiration. You can get stuck in a rut of the handful of sequencing tricks you've developed.

Hope this is helpful to someone. :)

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I run a several house light show. And on all my sequences I have a 8ch setup. Going from one side to another 1-4 slow moving large items 5-8 fast moving small items. Go to my website and PM if you would like any.

And congratulations on starting your show.

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