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Ramsey 30B Transmitter setup help

David Barnett

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Hello folks. I was messing around with my Ramsey FM30B the other ay. I think I have things too high now.

But, i don't remember were the default factory settings are on Volume and power. IE How many LCD symbols on each.

I think I remember the Vol. may have been halfway? Just can't remember about the power.

Don't have an ext. antenna, the included antenna seems to work Ok.

I had a lot of complaints of static and weak signal. Thought my Ramsey had gone bad..just a station I have used for 4 years, now has bleedover...ugh.

Found a new, seems to be fine. The other problem, my Vol on the show computer(laptop) was too low. So, I cranked it up...no complaints.

However, I'm concerned about having the Vol too high. I saw the threads on the EDM...set approx 25%. Is this the same on the Ramsey 30B?

Just kind of want to startover to ensure best setup.

1. Default settings please

2. Vol setting on laptop

3. Those using this xmitter, what are your optimum settings.

4. I have heard mantion of using the Ground Loop isolator thingy, is it necessary; and do most of you use them.

5. In the manual, it mentions on setting col. to use the -,g,c,C sybols as a guide. Can i play a seq. in the SE; w/out running the lights to see the clipping signal?

I tried it tonight, but didn't see any symbols ref the clipping stuff.

Thanks for your helpful insight.



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