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planning a parody night for christmas songs


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so far i have

im santa and i know it

toy sack

got moves by santa

does anyone else have any ideas of what else i can use or have any sequnces that i can add to my list

cheers dan

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I Am Santa Claus - Bob Rivers

Snowman - Inside Out Acappella

Takin;' Care of Christmas - Randy Bachman

Those Blinkin' Lights - Unknown

Disco Santa - Holiday Express

Dueling Jingle Bells - US Navy Band

Any Christmas song by Bob Rivers

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Christmas at Ground Zero by Weird Al Yankovic.

Wreck the Malls - Bob Rivers{?} I have this one in my display.

Parking Spaces - Bob Rivers{?}

We Wish You Weren't Living With Us - Bob Rivers{?}

Posted Bob Rivers{?} by the last 3 as I am not really sure if they are his or not.

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How about "Decorations" or "I Am Santa Clause" both from Bob Rivers. I have both of these in my Rotation.

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