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Smart RGB LED showing multiple colors when supposed to be white


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I have 2 - CCR's (arches) and 2 - CCP's (tree) on one network. And 8 - 5' icicle tubes with 9 smart RGB modules each running on a DMX network. In my sequence they morph back and forth in a mixed color, say a purplish color ( i know the title says white...im getting to that part :) ). During the show this shows up as a mess of different colors. This happens during a fast morph, almost like the lights can't turn on and mix fast enough (i know that sounds dumb) to get the right color. If I use any of the RGB colors it works fine.

Now the white not working is right at the end of the song. I have a quick 100% on then fade to 0 in white. When this pops it is like above, sections of different colors.

People don't notice, and think it looks neat, but its bugging the heck out of me that I don't know why its doing it.

Any thoughts?

Need more info just ask.



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