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2012 Show!


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Here are the 2 newest additions to my show this year! Let me know what you guys think.

Any positive or constructive criticism would be appreciated.

THX + Christmas Vacation Theme (Song compiled/edited by me)

Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12-24 - TSO

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The faces are made with a PVC frame, wire fencing, rope light, and a large amount of 4inch zip ties.

The white faces are 6ft 4in. in diameter, and the blue one is 6ft 8in diameter.

The faces seem to be what the kids love most from what I've heard from viewers outside. I figured most of you would enjoy the Christmas Vacation song, I have seen a lot of people use it with way too much audio from the movie...I tried to get it at just enough to bring out funny parts of the movie, but also not too much as to keep the show rolling. Plus the clips I used fit perfectly in the instrumental part of the song! The show has come along way since 2006.

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