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So, I have built a few Prop files for some of my light fixtures but I don't know where to find them after I have completed them. When open up my main LEE file to open and insert the Prop files which was created under a dummy LEE file, the Prop files are not in the default location (....Light O Rama / Visualizations / Props). Am I looking in the wrong location or am I doing something wrong?

Below is how I created the Prop files:

  1. Open a dummy LEE file
  2. Create a Prop file
  3. Bring in a sketch and trace lights on top of the sketch
  4. Giving the LFF file a name
  5. Open the LPF and select the LFF files for the LPT file
  6. Then, open up the actual LEE for my light display
  7. Select “Insert Prop from File” and nothing is in the default folder

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