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Newbie making sure I got it right, probably not! LOL


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Hi everyone! So i've been trying to put a last minute show together and have had my share of dead ends and eureka moments. I like the latter better! I'm just looking for clarification on my networks before I get too far into this....This is what I've got....

On my 16 channel controller which i've dedicated unit 01:

Channels 1-6 are for my star

Channels 7-16 are just various light strings etc, simple straightforward stuff.

Now is where I'm lost, LOL. For my CCR mega tree the 12 CCR's I designated the following:

CCR # 1 unit # 2

CCR # 2 unit # 3

CCR # 3 unit # 4

CCR # 4 unit # 5

CCR 5 unit 6

CCR 6 unit 7

After reading that you shouldn`t run more than 6 CCR`s on the same network I switched to auxillary A with these settings.....

CCR 7 unit A08

CCR 8 A09

9 A0A

10 A0B

11 A0C

12 A0D

For my cosmic flood I used Auxillary A, unit 0E, circuits 1-5 for RGB and strobe on, strobe off respectively.

I also still have a CCB sign to build and add to the network. I`m assuming that you`d enter it the same as a CCF but haven`t even researched it yet. So after typing all this out my questions are, and theres a few, LOL

1. ) Does anybody see any major screwups or have any suggestions on how i should clean this up a bit.

2 ) When assigning an auxillary channel does this actually mean that I have to run another cat 5E or with everything daisy chained together does it just know where to goÉ

3 ) Does it appear that I even have my channels set up rightÉ

4 ) Who knows how to change my keyboard back so it makes a question mark when I press the keyÉÉÉ LOL

Thanks in advance everyone. The learning is slow going but with every new discovery it get a little easier and alot more fun. I`m definately hooked. Looking forward to the new years sale!!! :)

Thanks again


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When assigning a 2nd (or 5th) network, you need to have another USB485 adapter with a CAT 5 running to the controllers on that network.

If you have two networks, you will have two USB485's running to two sets of controllers.

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