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2006 Halloween Videos


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So 2006 was our first year with LOR and Halloween was really an after-thought. I figured that it was a great way to test out all of my equipment in a real setting- so Halloween was really Beta-ween for us.

I did have bugs, and plenty of time to work them out before the holiday show.

Here's a link to my page of videos:

We'll be adding more to this year's show too. I might have to give a nod to the singing pumpkin patch and give that a try too. Great work!


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smjosephrn wrote:

Yep! Looks great. I like the Disney Loading music too. I've got Grim Grinning Ghosts, but my Disney CD didn't come with that one.

What I did find online was a midi version of the loading music. I used a midi to mp3 to convert it and sounds pretty good.
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