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on and off clock for winamp


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I use my F.M. Radio broadcaster 24 hours a day during Christmas. I am looking for a program that will turn winamp off and on at cetain times I.E. 12:01pm to 6:59pm. so that when my L.OR. software takes over winamp turns off There are plenty of progams that use a timer but I want clock times. I like winamp because you can fade two songs together it sounds so much better. If anyone has any good ideas let me know.

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I use one for Winamp .. But I just looked for the thing and can't find it .. it is a plugin for winamp and does clocks ... (scratches head) it just works now * LOL *

I do much the same as you, Play Christmas music all year, and then flip this scheduler on at Show time. It stops Winamp 5 minutes before the show so that LOR can use the Output Channel .. and then starts it back up after the show.

I also have frosty Player which is good, but then I can't use my shoutcast server and other winamp tools and some other tools I have.

I will post it once I find it ...

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geeez I am silly ... it is windows scheduler so you can make it what ever times you like. The Plugins are the Shoutcast server and other tools I have for winamp

the cammand line to enter (this one for PC Radio) is entered in the program to run Line

"C:Program FilesWinampwinamp.exe" : ""

If you want to do a play list just set up your play list then add it in to the command line in the quotes at the end ..

In the advanced tab in scheduler you can set the schedule up.

turn it on and off with the scheduler, I think I left LOR Scheduler up and running as well because all we really want to do is turn off the audio output from winamp.

I just put some new fans and a new power supply (just yesterday) on the P3 400 I use to run the LOR and X10 so it is kind of in a state of UIE (user injection error), it runs 24/7 365 so I thought I would give it some extra goodies.

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