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My Halloween 2006 display


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Here are links to my videos from last season's display. I used it to do a trial run of my system. It made the Christmas setup go so much smoother.



Adam's Family:

Witch queen of New Orleans:

Local TV coverage:

All of the sequences are available for download on LOR sequences.

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Those are awesome Videos. Good job. What is the Big Pumpkin made out of is it a big Plastic one?? It's Fantastic!
Good job. We're adding LOR for the first time to Halloween this year.


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The big pumpkin was an old 4 foot vinyl "blow up" type that is probably 10 years old. They don't make that type any more with the motorized inflatables of today. Unfortunately last year a small seam leak started, and I had to go out every night and blow it back up. Patches / sealant did not work. It was the last year for it. This year I have a big blow mold to put in it's place.

Last year was my first with LOR - I used Halloween to test the display, controllers, computer and FM setup. Made the Christmas setup so much easier. Good luck with yours.


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Hey Mike,

I remember seeing snippets of yours from last year. Inspiring.
My Wife is having a blast with her display this year. It's kind of fun for me as I'm building all the props she wants built. Learning as I go.

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