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The journey to going live

De Trommelslager

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The decision was made to do an animated display last November for 2012. The first controller arrived after Thanksgiving, and the experimentation commenced. Since, three more controllers were added in for the show. We're blinking about 15,000 lights for 2012, a mix of incans and LEDs.

Our set up has been in place and operational for the past week. Tomorrow evening is our "official light up". Final system debugging (loosely used term) has been done, schedules are set up and tonight we are letting it run a night early for a final check. Call it a "soft lighting" if you will.

The journey to this point has been long, but very rewarding to see the concept go from an idea, to a general plan, final design and construction. For us, the set up for our first year went very smoothly. Planning and preparation was the key. It hasn't been without problems, but much fewer than anticipated.

Sequencing has been done throughout the year, at least in spurts. Many of the original sequences were scrapped - call it a learning curve. Getting timings to line up, not achieving an effect, and being too much of a perfectionist sent many of the early work to the cutting room floor. Education does have its costs, so no complaints here!

Planning is already underway for 2013. There will be improvements and changes to our show. For 2012, our expectations are no expectations. For us, this is an experimental year and if something doesn't work out, then we'll learn from it and make the appropriate corrections. We have no idea how the neighbors will react (they all know, but do they?), how much traffic will be generated, and what types of songs the folks will enjoy.

The LOR folks have been wonderful to deal with. Dan and crew do a tremendous job! And a shout out to the community here as well. There is a wealth of information in this site, and if you can't find it then someone will help you out. I have offered up what little I can in my travels here, and hopefully have eased pain for a few along the way.

A long winded way to say "thanks" to everyone, even to those "bullies with attitudes" :P. A great deal of my knowledge and ability to successfully manage this project has come from right here.

Oh and before someone requests, we'll get some video taken in another week or so. ;) Work intrudes on fun! But I gotta get it while I can.

Best wishes for a brilliant and Merry Christmas to all!

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Sounds like yo approached (and continue to approach) things from the right perspective. May your season be filled with bright lights that go blinky-blink precisely when you want them to. And may your guests enjoy them as much as you undoubtedly do.

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