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Nutcracker Tutorial Tonight, delayed 1 hour. Start at 8pm MST


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I have a previous engagement tonight at 6pm, so i need to start tonights conference ta 8pm mst

What: Nutcracker Tutorial:

When: Thursday, Nov 29th. 8pm MST (Denver Time) NOTE!: I have to start one hour later than normal


  • Will discuss changes to Nutcracker over the last week.
  • Will go over the list of current bugs and an estimate of when they will be fixed
  • New this week: Twinkle effect

  • We will go over localhost installation, single strands, Projects, horizontal matrix status

See you on BigBlue Button conference.

follow these steps:


select cracker in the "Join a meeting"

enter your name, no password is needed

i will open conference at 7:45pm MST, tutorial will start 8:00pm MST

we will also be using http://joinme.com so that you can see my full resolution screen.

I will give out the 9 digit code when we start.

This will be recorded and be available 1-2 hours after the close of the session.

Previous tutorials










You can download these tutorials by using your ftp tool (something like filezilla)

site: meighan.net

login: nutcracker

password: xfer1011

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Just wanted to report that my tree is up and running, and looks AWESOME with all the Nutcracker effects (as well as ones I did by hand in LOR). Thanks again for this indispensable tool!

so cool tim!

with the lack of posts and such , i get the feeling there are only maybe 5-10 people in the LOR community using nutcracker.

great to hear it worked for you.


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I actually think it probably works more smoothly in LOR than in some of the other options. By loading an LCB file in and "pasting as time" and can place an effect exactly where I want it, and only do Nutcracker effects when I want them (I still do a lot of "spinning mega-tree" and other standard effects that I sequence normally, with grouped pixels in LOR). So I think the two work very well together.

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