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How many lights for my display


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My 2 16 channel LOR's are on their way. I bought the Bing Cosby white Christmas sequence. I need to buy lights I am running 32 channels. What do I need to buy? How many lights? I want to start getting gathering stuff so when the LOR's get here I'm ready to go

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Eeekkk... cutting it a little close. There is so much to ask before there can be an answer.

First off you have to choose between LED or incandescent lights. If you go LED, and your sequence has fading effects, then you have to be sure your LEDs can fade. If you go all incandescent they will fade great, but will you have enough power available. That also factors in to your controller, does it have a single or dual feed?

Do you have enough extension cords, you'll need 32 of them.

Are you creating elements or are you purchasing pre-done items?

Are you lighting bushes, trees, eves of the house?

As you can see SO many questions.

It's gonna be tough to get everything together in this short of time frame.

I suggest going to the Newbie forum and read, read, read... you will find most of your answers there.


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Hmm cutting it really close on time but, you can do it! I didn't order my first controller until late November '08 you better get moving though. Good Luck!

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I am running 32 and have 7000 lights. And they are the old school incandescent $2 per 100 lights

They are $3 now :'(

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