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Another CCR question


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Ok, I have 5 16 channel controllers and 2 DC controllers in my yard. Also one 16 across the street. This year I am running the show with easy light linkers. I have also put up 2 CCRs on arches. I am using SuperStar to add the CCRs to my existing sequences. I have watched several of the tutorials to figure out how to set up the CCRs and the software.

I now have 2 sequences made in superstar and exported. I have tried importing them as a sequence and copy paste.

Now the problem is when I run the sequence the CCRs only go about half way up the arch at times. But most times it's just random pixels turning on and staying on for several seconds.

The next thing I am going to try is to run without the light linkers and just hard wire connection.

After that my hands are up in the air.

Possibly find a sequence to buy from someone with CCRs that I can try.

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I have never personally used light linkers, but I have believe their data rate is low and may have trouble running CCRs. I have had several customers have problems running CCRs on light linkers and the problems go away when they connect them directly to the computer with cat5 cables.

Also, be sure to check the configuration of the CCRs and make sure they are not in "legacy" mode.

There is a video tutorial on configuration. Go to www.lightorama.com and click on "support" at the top, then click on "video tutorials". The SuperStar tutorials are at the bottom. Look for the one titled "SuperStar CCR Configuration". The part that covers the actual configuration is at 8 minutes into the video.

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Thanks Brian,

I am going to connect directly with Cat 5 tonight.

I have watched the videos mentioned and learned I had the configuration all wrong and went and addressed all the controllers properly I think.

I have 2 CCRs on channels 9 and 0A and 16 channel controllers on 1 thru 8.

So I put 9 on first CCR and 1 thru 0A on the second configuration part.

Is this correct?

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Running the ccr sequence as a "sub-sequence" is easier, but many people have reported problems of the subsequence being a fraction of a second out of synch with the main sequence. You can sometimes fix this by turning the subsequence channel on a fraction of a second after the beginning of the main sequence.

But because of the "out of synch" problem, I recommend the copy/paste method.

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