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Wireless Linker from MP3 Controller?


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Can I do this?

I have a LOR1602MP3 controller, cabled to Controller 1, cabled to Controller 2, cabled to ... Controller 5.

I then have a wireless linker cabled to the LOR1602MP3 controller, which sends signals to another wireless unit, which is cabled to Controller 6, which is cabled to Controller 7.

Then another wireless unit (acting as another receiver) which is cabled to Controller 8, which is cabled to Controller 9.

Question 1: Can the wireless linker be cabled to the LOR1602MP3 controller (to send out signals to the other wireless units)?

Question 2: Can I have one sender unit (transmitter?) and multiple receiver units?

(I'm unable to test this configuration due to no electrical power to the yard, yet. -- everything is cabled and plugged in, but waiting on the electric company to do their thing) :(

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