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First LOR Show and First Set of Cards....


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So this year i upgraded from my Mr.Christmas box to LoR. I'm a meer 16 channel show, nothing crazy, I got my LoR in a WoW Lights package with the SInging santa Display. I have roughly 20 sequences playing. This has been fun to play with, I'm looking forward to the off season to create some shows, Last night I came home from work to find a couple of handmade christmas cards from some young kids, ages 4 and 6. They said that Santa singing was so cool and how did he do that. The cards were touching... Has anyone else received random cards from people who have watched your show?

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George Simmons

I've gotten a few also. Last season one in particular was kind of neat. A lady stopped by with her two kids - the daughter has ADD and the son is autistic. (I can't even imagine what that household is like.) I happened to be outside making a candy cane run when they were going to the mailbox for the candy canes and we chatted a few minutes. The kids are about 10 and 12 years old and they were staring all wide-eyed with grins pasted fron ear to ear standing in place swaying to the music like a couple of fern fronds or something. A week later I got an envelope in the mail with a card from the mom and drawings from each kiddo. The mom almost made me cry. She wrote that they stayed for over an hour - the kids wouldn't leave. She said her daughter, who never shuts up, was speechless and that her son, who rarely ever speaks, kept saying "Wow" all evening.

And that there is why so many of us do this.

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