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My 2012 Christmas Display started tonight


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I have been doing a lot of reading this past year and got some great advice from all of you. A huge thank you to all of you! My neighbors came out for the show and I had (as recommended/mentioned by many) candy canes and hot chocolate ready for all of them. The show went off without a hitch . The only issue I have is that my show will not loop. I am using the mini director.

I added a 15 minute animation sequence at the end of the show. I know the instructions say that it is only audio that cannot be over 10 minutes, but I am hoping that is the problem. I cut it down to just under 10 minutes, put the show back on the SD card and am running it now.

For those who read my story in the Newbies section earlier this year- my daughter loved the lights! Also, I sequenced a Soldiers Silent Night (I'll add the video once I get the audio adjusted). Even after listening to it 800 times, it still brought me to tears as I thought of CSM Cooke. I hope this was a fitting tribute to a fallen hero and I have all of you here to thank for making this go as easy as possible. Here are the links to two of the songs.

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