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sequencing strobes


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First, I would just like to thank those who offered me support while I was freaking out about not being able to sequence anything. I'm proud to say that I have successfully (I think:?) finished one song, and have a good start on another. I know its not a Christmas song, but I did 2001:A Space Odyssey. It's short, fairly easy, and back in the day, I was a huge Ric Flair fan. Woooooooo!:D

Back to the matter at hand. I plan to have 10 strobes for my mega tree, and am unsure exactly how to use them. How long should the event be? If I make, say, a 10 second event, will they continue to flash for ten seconds? Or do they need time to 'recharge'? I realize that I probably won't ever actually need a 10 second event; I'm just trying to get a feel for how they work.


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I dont have strobes but I think they have to be FULL on or FULL off. You can't fade or shimmer them. You didnt specify what strobes you are using and if the flash rate is fixed or variable. I would recommend that you hook some up and play around with them. Maybe see what a 10 second segment looks like. I personally think a couple quick bursts of the strobes is a good effect and anything more than that is distracting but thats my opinion. Maybe some others can point you to videos of their displays that use strobes and they can tell you about their sequences.

Good Luck!

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The best way I can think of to sequencing strobes would be to moddify them.

Below is a schematic of a strobe ( not Moddified but for the two red dots)

R2 and R3 is used to controll the Charging rate of C3. Whin C3 becomes Charged it will Fire the SCR(Q1) that then Fires the Strobe Trigger(T1) thus lighting the Lamp.

What I am thinking is to place an OptoCoupler( or relay) At one of the Two Red Dots. ( This will let us Controlle the Fire-ing of the SCR(Q1), Stobe Trigger(T1), and/or L2.

Now we use a channel from the LOR to power a DC adapter that then will power the OptoCouplers( or relays) To fire the Strobes ( note the OptoCouplers have to have a Resistor to limit the current)

* Give the Strobs a Constant Power Supply. The LOR will power the OptoCouplers that will fire the Strobes.

This sould give us complete controlle of the strobes ( ie. When and how fast they Fire)

To give you an idea. (1 LOR channel can controlle X-numbers of Strobs) or (X-numbers of LOR channels can controlle Z-numbers of Strobes)

Attached files 138788=8260-strobe.JPG

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