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Nutcracker: Please check your frame delay values


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meighan.net was at 22 gigbytes out of the 25 gbyte limit for my account.

In looking at effects in the database, I cam across a user who set frame_delay to 1. This means 1ms.

His 5 second animation produced 5000 dat files and used alot of disk space.

No one should have frame timing of 1 ms. In fact, i may have to implement that no one can have frame timing of less than 50ms on meighan.net. If you want shorter times, do a local install.

I will be doing my shows with 100ms timing, maybe 50ms.

On an RGB device where i am creating 7200 channels for my megatree per frame. 100ms to 1 ms means the files produces are 100 times larger.

I have gone thru and changed any effects that had 0, 1, .5 ms timings, i set them to 10ms. 198 effects were updated.

These small timings cannot be what you were expecting.

Please review your timings on effects.

Remember, I am prompting you for frame timing in milliseconds, not centiseconds.



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