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Testing the Waters - Looking to swap(?) a CMB-16D-QC Board


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This is not a direct offer to sell. I am just testing the waters for interest and possibilities.

I have a 2 year old but NEW CMB-16D-QC board that I purchased with the intent of replacing my X10 and possibiby running my hacked Santa with. Its only been on the bench a couple of times and never installed or used in a display.

It seems that I have about 90 Contenental 10Amp SSR's that are gathering dust and was going to use them along with the DC board to power up inflatables, wireframe bells and my transmitter...

I also have a 4' Gemmy Santa that I started hacking and was going to set up DJ Santa to help with the display ..

Needless to say we never got there...

So.. What I'm doing is putting out feelers to see if there is any interest in the board. I'm hoping for a swap.. I would like a E1.31 pixel controller in the same price range .. Like a J1Sys P2 or equiv. I know the E682 boards go for considerably more (unless still kitted)

Anyone interested in a swap.. extras for extras?


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