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Safety before lights on!


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Today as I was continuing my small yet unending setup, my wife came outside to tell me a neighbor and good friend down the street had just fallen off his roof. Luckily it was just a one story house, but he mangled his ladder on his way down and had to head to the ER to get checked out.

The reason I mention it is in crunch time we need reminders. Tonight I headed outside to put up one last frame around a window in the dark. I touched a car window before I set up the ladder and thought "Huh, first frost tonight." I had the ladder half way up to access the roof before I realized what my tired mind had missed. If the car window was frozen, so was the roof, thus it was not a place for me to be tonight. I put the frame and the ladder back in the garage thinking of my neighbor. I'll get it tomorrow when the sun is shining and much warmer. Finishing a display with broken ribs, or a broken arm would be impossible.

Be safe out there, and think before you light!


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