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Speaker Volume off of MP3


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Ok. I have a wireless speaker out there but max volume is horrible. Do I need to run an amp off of the Mp3 or can I increase the volume of the song?

And how close to the street do you guys run your speakers? Im going to have to be right out on the street.....



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I just run a single speaker (a small organ speaker I got out of a church years ago) off of a single channel 70 watt amp.

In order to get both "sides" of the stereo music-I run each side through a 10K resistor and sum that to the input of the amp.

You don't want to just parallel the 2 sides (if running a mono speaker), since each side will load down the other side-which can cause disttortion at best-and actually damage the output driver at worse.

I don't run my music loud-just enough to be easily heard on the street-and not to annoy the neighbors. I also have a FM transmittler for people in the cars/

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Thanks. I've got the FM transmitter in transit. That will be good. Added an amp today and dumped my powered wireless speaker. My yard is real deep and i may have to push the speaker forward.

I purchased 5 pre mares from LOR and am surprised that their volumes vary so much! You would think I'd only have that issue off of my own downloads and sequences. I wonder if anyone knows how to regulate the volume in the sequencing Ap?

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