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1000' C9 Spool...?

Stone Roots

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So I have some odd lengths I need at the new house - and was thinking of buying the 1000' spool - but the price seems to be unjustifiable. $320 for 1000' feet - but C9 single bulbs cost $1.60-2.00 each. I can buy a 17 foot C9 strand for $15 - for that same length it would cost me $54 to build... am I missing something? Why are the bulbs so expensive? This would be a great solution for my odd sized windows and panels - but I might as well buy pre-made strands and just have a bit of extra length at the ends...

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It's that time of year.

the rip you off time of year.

C9 strings are not the same as spool wire and c9 retrofit bulbs.

strings are made with one LED vs retrofits are 3 or 5.

retrofit are easy to change out bulbs and can make custom lenghts vs try that with strings.

cost is always a factor, but in the end: do it right the first time.

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I just went with the pre-mades. I cant justify spending 3.5x more just so that there isnt a bit of extra on the ends of the lengths. I figure ill just spray paint the bulbs i don't want seen. It may look a little ghetto - but it will save about $1000. Which would be far better spent on other things...

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Just my $.02,

I went with the retrofit C9's and a 1000' spool of wire, 12" on center and ran 4 colors 4 wire harness on all the eves. I purchased everything on sale at either Action Lighting or Creative Displays during a sale or preorder. I was $.90 per bulb on average and $60.00 for the spool of socketed wire of which I have about 500 feet left over. Granted that was 3 to 4 years ago, but I am extremely happy with the results. The retrofit lights are BRIGHT with 5 leds per bulb and other than a few DOA (replaced by Paul at CDI) I haven't had one iota of problems. Quality LEDs are for life, so make your initial purchase count.

Cheers & Merry Christmas

Daryl B

aka grump010

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At those prices Grump - I probably would have done the same. I will keep my eyes open for pre-season prices - but for what I needed this year - and how i only need about 25 strands, it simply wasnt justifiable to spend the money they wanted. Maybe next year. Ive always wanted to do a "Griswald" style display - which would be perfect for a spool or 2 of c9. Just not this year - not to mention Ive already added 10,000 more lights since last year.

Happy Holidays

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