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My new radio station sign

Bob Hall

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If anyone remembers my "Radio Station Blues" thread, I ran into some problem with my station as another station is bleeding over on it and my transmitter can't 'punch through it'. Thankfully, I was able to have a sign made with my new frequency before the work began on the old frequency. The good news, I just picked it up today! The bad news is the day of Halloween (a couple of days after Sandy), I started to get interference on my new station, but the transmitter goes over it without any adjustments having to be made. With that being said, I'm not changing stations anymore this year!

Here's my new sign. I submitted a design to the sign guy and he made a few changes to it which make it POP!


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Thanks guys.

As for the cost well it was expensive like everything else is in this town. Cost me a Grant.

There was a cheaper sign guy locally but lately his signs he has been turning out have been junk.

I attached the pdf I sent and you can see he kept the basic elements but improved on them.

listen to candy cane.pdf

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I came across this online website called Vistaprint. We ordered something from them last year and now they send us good offers all the time. We got 25 magnets for $0.99 and paid for shipping and combined this with an order of 500 business cards and some t shirts. For everything i think our total was $15-20. Not sure on exact amount cause the better half did the ordering.

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