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Close Encounters


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Would anyone have a short version of the 3rd kind to share? Just need a start, maybe 2 "voices"? Thanks!

Voices? :o What Close Encounter are you referring to?

My version is with the keyboard and spaceship playing musical notes to each other. But voices? :blink:

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I was hanging 19,200 lights (192 strands of 100 count lights) for my mega tree today and got busy.

I have the sequence on a seperate thumb drive and will locate that tonight/tomorrow.

If you don't get something by tomorrow evening, please give me a bump.

With set-up in full motion, I tend to forget some things. ;)

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Okay guys,

You should have them.

As I pointed out in the email. It's the long version (4:12) and try using the WAV version. It looked to drift towards the end in MP3.

I can provide the audio but the wav file will be quite large. Googling it might work better. But let me know if it's an issue.

I sequenced this back in 2006, I haven't seen it in a few years and was surprised how fairly good I did on the timing back then (still a newbie).

But I hope it does the job for you. This was one of the most time eating sequences I have ever done so hope you like it and can put it to use.

I also ask that you please just refer my name to who sequenced it. Again, it was a bear to sequence.



Oh and Colonel,

I know you asked for the short version but you can shorten it down to the short version when the big deep sound (mothership) kicks in. ;)

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