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Tell us all about your Christmas Display. Include Pictures and Videos if you have them.

Just a few notes about using the Light-O-Rama Forums:

1. Any sales questions or order status inquiries for products should be emailed to info@lightorama.com. You can also call 518-539-9000 during normal business hours.

2. This forum is monitored by Light-O-Rama personnel.

3. You always have the option of contacting LOR support by email: support@lightorama.com.

4. Don't forget the http://www.lightorama.com website. It's a wealth of knowledge.

5. Take a hint from the experts: crawl, walk, run. Don't wait until the last minute to start work on your Light-O-Rama project.

6. The Light-O-Rama forum is a family friendly environment.

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