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Mega tree newbie question

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Just ordered a 32 channel system with mega tree. My question is if the tree is 10 ft tall and requires 16 100 strands. Those strands are over 20 ft long. How wide is this tree going to be at the base? Are the strands doubled?

Follow the link. It should help answer most of your questions.


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Jack or John, :)

Welcome aboard.

Here is a link to calculate your tree.


You would be better off doubling your 20+' strands on that 10' tree or your going to have a very fat tree.

If you purchased those 100 ct strands from CDI, those strands are 33' long. So it would be more like tripling the strand. You might want to get a good measurement on those strands before going any further. There is a big difference between 20' and 30'.

Even doubling a 33' strand on a 10' pole, that is still going to be a very fat tree. ;)

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