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Need a song sequenced... 16 channels. Any takers?


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I have decided that I just can not sequence songs. I have attempted, but either my lack of ability to focus or my "tone deafness" has prevented me from being successful. I have, thankfully, found a number of sequences on the free market that I have been able to tweak to fit my light show. I thank all the contributors for sharing your hard work.

There is one song I want to have in my show being that I'm a HUGE fan of the band Pearl Jam, but unfortunately have not been able to locate.

Pearl Jam - Someday at Christmas

Does someone want to attempt to sequence this for me? Of course in between setting up your own show. =) I do have a very simple 16 channel set up. I would supply the song... and would even be willing to pay a small fee for your time.

What do you say... any takers?


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That's a really hard song to sequence as it doesn't have too many real changing points. You could have something moving while he was singing with some suttle background light changes but, nothing too dramatic.

How soon would you need it?

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