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17 second sneak peak at a few elements.

Ron Boyd

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Here's a sneak peak from last nights partial controller test. It only has about 1/2 of everything running and no music.

I'm happy with the way the elements turned out, but there's some adjusting I have to do, i.e. straighten some strings and the Firesticks need to be moved.

Other than that, good grief these LED's are bright.

Thanks Holiday-Light-Express.

None of the RGB elements are running in the video.

***Recorded with my Galaxy SII so the video is not really good.***


Tell me what you think,


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Is the cat part of the display?... :D Or is that what you use to deter rabbits from chewing on cords? Cords are very important to a rabbits diet...lol Very nice. I like your version of Marty Fan.

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Thanks Guys.

First, The spiral reflection is the angle of the camera on one of 2 windows that frame the door. May have to cover that up. Thanks for pointing that out. I have not noticed it.

The spiral, everybody seems to like that most. Thanks to George Simmons for the idea and help on starting me out with the sequencing.

Is the cat part of the display?

It's actually a mu...I mean, dog instead of a cat :P

I like your version of Marty Fan.

The Marty fan, ahh yes. I saw a video how-to or something where the person welded one up in that fashion and really liked the design. He had to move it around on a dolly. I don't have a welder, and, it's been about 30 years since I did any welding, so I had to come up with a different solution. Coroplast. 1120 LEDs poking through Coro, is a real pain, literally, blisters, pinched fingers and a couple or 3 hours, but I agree, I'm really proud of how it turned out. Next year, 1120 more lights going on in red and green.

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