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DevMike had mentioned a UDP Splitter program a while back, that would allow you to have multiple copies of Visualizer running at the same time. I have searched the forum and I am unable to find where he posted it at. Does anyone have it? Could you link me to it please, or send it to me along with basic how to get it to run cheat sheet.

Another question, Many yrs ago T. Fisher had written a small program to copy the Annimations from one sequence to another. It doesn't appear to work with S3. Does any one know of a way to copy the Annimation screen from one sequence to another? I tried to do a copy in XML editor, but had issues with the channels linking to the correct pixels. Even though they were the same channel number, but not the same total number of channels in the sequence. I think it has something to do with the Indexed channel numbers, is why I couldn't just copy the xml code.



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