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LOR Networks and Data transmissions


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I think LOR has some issues with the amount of data being sent over the networks or some other issue. I have 3 networks that I am trying to use for Christmas. I put 4 ccrs on network aug A , 4 ccrs on network aug B and regular network has 15 regular controllers. When I just use the aug A and B it works just fine but when I add in the regular network it blocks half the song for the CCR's on aug A and B. I then tried to keep the ID of the network but deleted all commands from the 15 controllers but I still has issues. Its really frustrating that this is not normal and I am wondering if others are having this issue. I cant believe that one network with nothing on there is causing issues with other networks. This is the same problem I had for Halloween but no one has come up with the right answer

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That does seem abnormal. Question - are you observing this problem controlling actual lights, or in the visualizer? As I understand it, the visualizer takes a lot of CPU resources, whereas by comparison running the actual show takes far less. If the problem is just in the visualizer, I would guess that the visualization is taxing your hardware to the breaking point.

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OK your not going to believe this one. Its not any of the cables. SO I set my 8 ccr tree with the controllers at the top of the house. When you read the instructions from Brian B about taking the SuperStar purchased sequence and convert it to LOR there is nothing in there about making sure channel one is right next to the controller. It will not work if you have it set to flipped channel one at far end. That would have saved me hours. Please Brian Bruderer put that in all your sequences pdf files. The reason that I did put flipped was because the sequences came with the controller on the bottom.

1) Launch the Light-O-Rama Sequence Editor (Be sure you are using the latest S3 version)

2) In the panel that pops out from the left there is a "Clipboards" subpanel. Select "Paste by Time"

3) Open your main sequence (The one you already had before you ever heard of SuperStar)

4) In your main sequence, right click on where you want to insert you first CCR

5) Select "Insert Device" and then select "Insert Device Above"

6) Enter the name as something like "CCR 1"

7) Leave device as "Cosmic Color Device"

8) Set the Unit ID and Network

9) Leave "Resolution" at "50 Pixels"

10) Leave "Unit ID Mode" at "Native Mode"

11) Leave "Channel Mode" at "Triples" 11A) Make sure channel 1 is next to controller. just a thought.

12) Do steps 4 – 10 for each CCR you have

13) Open the sequence that you just exported

14) Select all of the channels from beginning to end of the sequence

15) Click on the "Copy" button

16) Click on the "Window" menu and select you main sequence that is listed at the bottom of the menu

17) Select the top left pixel of your CCR rows in your main sequence

18) Click on the "Paste" button

19) If the sequence has some star channels, copy/paste them in a similar manner

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What??? Another undocumented item/bug with Superstar? Oh, say it isn't so...

Good job of beta testing Brian. I'm sorry none of us picked up that little issue, but then we didn't do any beta testing on the product, either. Glad to see someone is doing it... Do let us know if you find any other problems...

Edited by George Simmons
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This doesn't sound like a bug, but yet lack of instructional information in the PDF for Brian's pre-made sequences. Right friskybri?


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