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HandleEvent Error: Subscript out of range


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HandleEvent Error: Subscript out of range,I am getting this error and the show will not start. I just purchased the software a couple of months ago and I am running windows7.I can play it manually fine.

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What version of LOR are you using?

Does it happen at the scheduled start time of the show, or as soon as you enable LOR, or some other time?

Could you please send me (bob@lightorama.com) the schedule file, the show file, and any sequences that are used by that show?

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I am using 3.6.0

yes it happens at start of show, it loads player, schedule,initalizes everything fine.

then i get the error every second.

I went into verifer, and found it loads the shows but has a error 22 can not read shows. Something to do with the other error?

I sent the files that you requested, Thanks so much for your help, this is getting frustrating.

If I have to redo the one show (that took about 20 hours) I am going to be sick!

The before show is a static show that runs when the main (star show) 4 min show is not running every half hour.

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