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Guest johnwayne

The key to seeing all of the Light-O-Rama forums as well as posting questions and reading responses is to simply register. It's free.

Choose "Create Account" in the top right menu bar and follow the directions.

Try and use your real name or at least something close to it. We value your privacy but it's a lot easier carrying on a conversation with someone named "Bill" rather than "IUVSvERZ." Once you get in, please fill in your profile.

The system will send you an email asking you to verify your registration. After following the directions in that email, your account will be registered and you will be ready to go. To keep the spammers out, posts from new members are moderated for the first few posts. Posts are usually approved in a few hours, but could take up to 24.

If you have questions, or need further assistance, please visit lightorama.com/support and fill out a ticket. A Light-O-Rama engineer will reply to your ticket as soon as possible.

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