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problems setting up enttec


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i have the enttec open usb and i have the 9 channel rgb dmx board

but i cant get it working

installed the driver and did everything the man says on youtube if i open light o rama control panel the command pops up and will find the enttec like this

708:dmx1 [info] a901cwe2 : dmx usb pro adapter open

it doesend blink the light on the rgb board no response to anything

i have the swich set only 1 so it should be in univirse 1

if i try last dipswich it wil start turning on and of the lights in differend coulors so that works but not with lor

its like there is no connection between the lor and the enttec or the enttec and the rgb controller

plz help

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The switch is for start channel 1, not universe 1. Make sure in s3 your channels are set for universe 1, and start channel 1. If you see the enntec open in network setup/preferences make sure that is set to universe 1 as well.

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