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Sequencing Ghosts


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I have just started sequencing and am having a great time.

I am on my 4th song over 64 channels.

But I wonder if any one can help me with this issue.

As I sequence, say on lower channels, perhaps between 2-16 an 3-10, (example)

I find that always, on channel 1 - 1, ghosts appear at frequent intervals,

perhaps every 2 seconds.

Just switching the circuit on in an individual box.

I find this when I run the visualizer and en errant channel switches on.

Is this a ghost in the program on is there something I need to fix.

At the moment, I have to go on the line, highlight it all, then delete.

It's just a nuisance to be having to do this all the time.

I purchased the software in the summer so it should be current.

Any suggestions are greatly welcomed.



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It's not ghosts at all, I found the answer..

When you use the Beat Wizard, there is an option to place the results in box 1 - 1 by default,

you can change this to any box on the grid..

Duh... I feel silly not noticing that before..

But hey, this might help someone else, ya never know.


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