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Superstar Upgrade Key Not Working


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Two days (Friday) ago i purchased the Superstar upgrade from LOR; SuperStar Sequencer SuperStarSequencer 1 49.95 Version = 2_CCR(+49.95)

I am attempting to upgrade my current version which is; Superstar Sequencer (Demo v3.7.0.0).

I received the e-mail from LOR with my new "Name" & "Licence Key".

I went into Sequence Editor ---Help ---Upgrade... I pluged in my new Name & Key,

Problem is....my Superstar Sequencer is not upgrading. Why is it still the demo version?

Only thing i can think of is.......when i purchased the new upgrade, i did not think to use the same "NAME". So my LOR Software suite and my upgrade "Names" don't match. Does that matter?

Please let me know your thoughts how to proceed.


Matt K

Hainesport, NJ

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Yes, I believe your name must match the name use for the original license. Contact light prams support to get a license with the matching name.

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I just purchased my 24CCR license, and I can confirm that it's working. So, I'm guessing that it's the difference in name that's causing an issue.

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