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I use my laptop to program sequences, and run the visualizer on a 2nd monitor so that I do not have to switch back and forth.

Well, one night I must have shut down and unhooked the monitor without bringing Visualizer back to the laptop screen, cuz now it's MIA. I open visualizer and see it in the taskbar, and can click it and it minimizes and maximizes it, but the program itself is nowhere to be found... Hooked up the other monitor again, not there either.

Rebooted everything.


If anyone else has this issue: Ctrl+Alt+Del, Task Manager, Right-click visualizer, Bring to Front, Rt-click again, Maximize.

Idk why that happened, but that is the solution.

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The Visualizer, along with most programs, remembers the last location it was closed at and will re-position itself there the next time you open it. Since you disconnected the second monitor, it went missing. The way you fixed it is the way to fix that problem (with all programs that can happen with).

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Yeah, I had brought down the visualizer to my laptop, then closed the visualizer without clicking the "Stop" button. Did that last night, brought it down while still in play mode, then clicked stop and it jumped right back up to the second monitor! Had to drag it back down again before closing the program. Beware of this!

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