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Multi colored morph


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This is driving me nuts.

How do you get the effect at 1:17 of this video?

I have tried a number of different combination of morphs and morphs with scenes, and at different accelerations and can not get it to work smooth.

Any thoughts would be great.


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It is a series of 10 short morphs laid end to end. All of them have a white head of length 1, each one has a solid tail that is 1.85 seconds long. The tail of each morph starts with a dim color and ramps up to full intensity at the end. At the end of 1.85 seconds the tail stops and causes the end of each morph to travel upward and they all disappear.

The start and end of each of the 10 morphs is synchronized to the start and end of a note in the song. The notes follow the exact pattern twice, so the head of each morph is in synch with the first series of notes, and the tail is in synch with the second series of notes.

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Man to I have some learn'en to do. It amazes me the effects that can be accomplished if you can figure out how to make it happen.

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