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SuperStar can sequence other lights if you import a visualization file of those lights. It gets the location, color, and unit id information from the visualization file. To use a visualization file click on the File menu and select "Import Visualization"

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Were you able to import your visualization file into SuperStar?

If so, then the confusing part might be that you then need to sequence your lights using scenes and morphs which will seem strange at first. But it makes things like turning on all your lights in a coordinated way from left to right becomes much easier.

Once you have imported your visualization file, you can also do Instant Sequence on it.

Click on the Tools menu and select Instant Sequence

Click on "Open Audio File"

Click on "Sequence All"

Click on "Play All"

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I get an error that says that elements are not assigned or have duplicate channels, and that they will be greyed out. When I run a normal sequence on visualizer, all seems fine. Also, mi picture is off-scale, is this something I need to change in the visualizer?

Thanks for the help.


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Sounds like you may be using an older version of the software. I have improved the error message to tell you which channels are duplicates. The most recent version is v3.8.0.0. Look in the upper left of the program in the title bar to see what version you are running. If it is not v3.8.0.0 then go to the lightorama web site, click on software, and then click on downloads.

When you say "my picture is off-scale" do you mean that the imported visualization is too large and does not fit on the screen? If so, that should also be fixed by downloading v3.8.0.0

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how i do it with out visualizalor file-open audio tools-instant sequence set tmc to theme-2segs color-native movement-none inensity 100% them choose timing map check the beat then pick the freq you want to use close choose sequence all then play if nyou like what you see then go to file chose export will set a file open a sequence you want then choose file open choose the file ss made ok it will open a second sequence you can click back and forth i then open ss copy the channels i like choose the other sequence highlite the whole channel past you will get 3 or 4 of the same some are half instensity some are 100% use the 100% you go back a forth it tell your happy with the sequence

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