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Strobe lights for sale

Wayne K

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I purchased 45 strobe lights back in January and did not remember what I ordered and decided to check them out last week. These appear to be the 1 second flash strobes and I have been using the 3-4 flash a second strobes. I have decided not to use them and reorder the 3-4 second flash tubes.I would let these all go for $145.00 plus shipping if anyone is intrested. There are 15 of each color red, green, white/clear.

PM me if intrested

So here is part of the sales reciept:

Order Confirmation from DIY LED Express

Order Number:

Date Ordered: Monday 16 January, 2012

Detailed Invoice:



15 x Xenon C9 U Tube Strobes = $60.00

Color Xenon Red

15 x Xenon C9 U Tube Strobes = $60.00

Color Xenon Green

15 x Xenon C9 U Tube Strobes = $60.00

Color Xenon White


Sub-Total: $180.00

United States Postal Service (1 x 8.35lbs) (Parcel Post (4 - 7 days)):


Total: $192.23



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Wayne- I did the same thing a few year ago when I order the wrong ones but just as a thought: I used them WITH the fast flash ones and it actually looks pretty cool when they're all fired together. Also, when I string them on one fast and one slow SPT cord I can make just one or the other go off. Just an idea if you don't get a buyer or you change your mind after reading my GENIUS thoughts! :)

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