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Newbie: Starts with nothing but an idea. What to buy?


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Hi everyone.

The last 5-6 years I have bought and used some LED strings from China, and they was okay at that time. Most of them died the same year I put them up and I only had the pre-programed-controllers there were on the LED string. This year I will go for the big show. No more cheap LED strings that breaks, dies and other dangerous stuff. So I hope I can get some help from you guys.

I will start with nothing but an idea.

I would like to use the 5M RGB 5050 Waterproof SMD LED Strip light 300 Leds - because they are bright and not using a lot of power.

The setup:

I only have 4 square meters balcony and not an entire garden or house, but the location is very good. Alot of people will be able to see it :-)

It will be concentrated and compact - but beautiful :-)

The Idea/dream:

I want the lights to run from one end to the other - sometimes blink and changing colors. (The idea was first without the music, but it depends on the prize of the components, then I might add it). I want to program it myself and choose how and when the lights are doing what.

On each end of the balcony I want two small Christmas trees to blink and change colors (to the music if I add it)

One of my big wishes is to make a Arch Cosmic Color Ribbon like this:

The problem:

What do I need? I have been reading and seen a lot of how-to-do-videos, but they already have the equipment.I have also been looking the some setups, but there are too many loose ends.

I know I need a controller, but wish one? There are so many. And all the green boards.... Help :-)

I also would not to have a computer hooked up all the time, but with one of the SD-cards - so I only have to get power to the balcony.

Oh, yes. I live in Denmark (Northern Europe), so everything would be nice if its runs on 230V and have the EU plug.

I'm chasing a dream come true. I hope you can help. Thank you :-)

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