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Two years ago, I bought a bunch of light-up candy canes that I think are either 28" or 36" in height. I have them in four colors- Red, Pink, Purple, and Green. I know where I can get the red candy canes, but I'm wondering if someone knows where to get the other three colors?

If I remember correctly, I bought them at either Wally World or at Target, but I checked both (and ask the manager at both) and they said they no longer carry them.

I'm using them as a perimeter around my display and I need about 10 more of each color. If someone can help, I would GREATLY appreciate it. I thought about making them myself but I've got enough DIY projects on my plate right now that it would just be easier to spend the money to purchase them.



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Thanks! I found a receipt for the ones I purchased last year and looks like I found some of them at Target, the rest at Wally World. I'm going to head over to both this weekend and see if I can find them. That reminds me, I need to hit up my Meijer store to get more LED Snowflakes.

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