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Visualizer dragging behind...part 2

Robert Burton

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Is it visualizer....or is it S3???

Running a Lenovo V570 with i5 processor. 6gig ram. Win7. Hard drive no where near full (if that matters)

I am sequencing "Jing,Jing,Jing" from the Air Force Band (http://www.usafband.af.mil/ensembles/BandDiscography.asp?albumID=60) .

Pretty fast piece. Right now I am trying to do some of the drum solo stuff. Started noticing that it would miss some of the licks on the visualizer. Stopped it and just looked at the "flashing" channel labels. Noticed it was lagging behind too.

I rebooted the laptop. Had everything closed except the Sequence Editor. Looked at the labels again. Still lagging behind. Put it on half speed...little better but lagging behind.

Again, this may have been better over at the S3 forum, but thought it did have ties to the Visualizer.

BTW, getting some of the 8th note stuff, but missing some of the 16th note stuff thrown in.


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