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(I think I initially posted this in the wrong spot. It fits here better)

This summer was a big purchase summer!! I participated in the summer sale, recieved my product, and am now excited to start working on some new things. I also was introduced to Seasonal Entertainment LLC products (specifically the RGB Wallrunners). I also upgraded my license to G3, but I'm having trouble getting the RGB wallrunners to work :(

More info of what I have: Rainbow Brain, Seasonal Entertainment's LOR to DMX adapter, and a 6A 12 Volt transformer (purchased through Seasonal Entertainment LLC) to power the Rainbow Brain and the 5 wallrunners that I have with DC power.

So a first question: Do I have everything I need to make this happen? I also have plenty of CAT5 cable to connect everything with.

So we'll just go from there!

Thank you in advance for any comments/help!! 2 months EXACTLY until Christmas!! Happy Decorating!


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