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Halloween 2012 - First time with wire frame animation

Jeff Juneman

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Just got the show running on Sunday night. Below are some links to a couple of quick clips shot from an iPhone. Didn't get my lights from the summer sale in time to incorporate in the show but we went with it anyway. I'll add more videos as I can get to it.

Zombie Jamboree: http://vimeo.com/52485179

Gangnam Style: http://vimeo.com/52487014

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What you see in the video is 6 channels for each pumpkin + 5 channels for the spots + 1 CCR. What the video does not show is the yard display with an additional 16 channels. So basically about 45 channels + the CCR. It definitely drew some attention along with the haunted house in the garage and made for another great Halloween night. Finally got my lights from the sale and will try to put some up and shoot another video.

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