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Okay I have a simple show I have a small yard only16 channels and its my first year, No fancy singing faces but this came out pretty good. Its just a filler between songs but the neighbors love it....

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Nice filler sequence!

If I were to use that particular scene, I think I'd use it to lead into a couple of Midnight Syndicate songs, right after that I'd merge MS's "We're Watching You" {could be "We're Waiting For You"} and then have that lead into MS's "Gargoyles", a really creepy sounding instrumental that I think would go great for a cemetery scene.

Hmm, giving myself some ideas for 2013!

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and Linus said "And that's what Halloween is all about Charlie Brown", okay he didn't say that but if he did....he would

If you did that good on a "filler" I would like to see one of your songs,

and I like your display with16 channels it works very well....but with 32 channels :)

I did one singing pumpkin, I got the wireframe from Doug at wireframedlites.com

and I use my pumpkin to talk, and sing back-up vocals, not really lead vocals

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