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I`ve been reading up on the LOR 16 channel controller and wanted to know how I will need to hook up lights (and to which channels) if I will be using bought sequences. Ihave seen the master controller layout, still not to sure about that setup.

Thanks Tim

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With the LOR sequences and the controller setup, think of it this way.

Take your home, or display area, and break it up into 4 groups of 4 items. You could have 4 sections on the roof, 4 on the house itself, 4 bushes and 4 small trees. That's just one example, and of course each house is going to be different.

If you purchase a Ready to Go sequence (from the LOR Sequence Store) then you won't be able to change the sequence. If you get "One you can modify" then, well, you will be able to modify it as you see fit.

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