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I went out to dinner with my 10 year old nephew the other day and he kept singing that Gangnam Style video and doing the little dance in his seat. I really can't stand the song so this is my version of the song. Please enjoy.

Only those who have seen MtDew4Me would understand it in its entirety so enjoy. Thanks for the face sequences Torqumada.


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Love it!

That was my twist on last year's Party Rock!

I screamed it to a halt and then kicked in I Wanna Rock!

Good job!

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love it.... i hear 30 seconds of that song and it sickens me....... That is one song I will NOT be programming ever. (just my opinion, if you like the song program away)

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Great job. That's about 15 more seconds of that song than I can stand, but still, much better than the whole thing.

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